Red dragons
-Great treasures lie beneath the slumbering forms of Faerun’s majestic wyrms. Be thankful such hoards occupy the dreams of dragonkind and leave them undisturbed, for when the great dreamers awake to thieving hands, all the wonders of our world quickly fall to their wrath._
Velsaert of Baldur’s Gate Year of Wild Magic (1372 DR)

…FEAR! FIRE! FOES! The mightiest of Faerun’s Wyrms emerge from long slumbers, rising into the night sky to meet the Infrequent Visitor. The comet known as the King-Killer Star.

Deep beneath the Loamy earth of Toril, somewhere in Faerun, a meeting is taking place. A meeting that would shape the future of Terrestrial Worlds and the Planes as well. Long has the spell of the Elves kept the Dracorage in check. In advance of the return of the King-Killer Star the Chromatic Dragons are seeking allies.

Axis Draconian

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