Axis Draconian

Session the First
A New Beginning

The session starts where we left our heroes last…
But, there has been a shift in the Cosmos.
We now find the intrepid adventurers smack dab in the machinations of the Gods and Dragons.
The Hag, who had been menacing the Enchanted Fruits along with the Circle of Green, undergoes a transformation and reveals herself as Gaea, a Wild Mage of great import. She warns the Enchanted Fruits to be kind to nature and to expect to meet her again. She spirits the Circle of Green away to give them thier assignment in the battle for Faerun, (Rescuing a newly hatched Faerie Dragon)
A beautiful Preistess, named Magdalena appears and seems to be well aquainted with our intrepid adventuring group.
Unbeknownst to team Enchated Fruits they have been chosen by the God Illmater for an epic destiny. They will be his avatar in the Realms and perhaps elsewhere on Toril.
Magdalena, the High Priestess of Ilmater has given the Enchanted Fruits their marching orders and little else. “Thwart the plans of the ”/campaign/axis-draconian/wikis/chromatic-dragons" class=“wiki-page-link”>Chromatic Dragons at all costs’.
A tide of evil is rising from the lairs of the great colored wyrms. Magdalena tells the fruits that the Chromatic Dragons are revolting and that their leader Tiamat is seeking a spot in the Pantheon of the Gods. She believes that the evil chameleon dragon Larithylar is seeking the cockatrice egg to build a super-weapon to turn Metallic Dragons into Dracolichs. This would be a horrible disaster, and might just deliver an early knockout punch to the forces of good.
She tells the fruits to deliver the egg of that damnable foul to Uther at Pendragon’s Dusty Tomes, and the damnable foul to Grognard Deepmug and NOT get caught. Oh yeah, don’t forget that horde of Fish People breathing down your neck.
After some discussion the group heads to the coast and the tiny fishing village of Sandpoint. They find it’s residents cowering in fear with only the towns’ drunken crier, a gnome named Hamhock wandering the streets. He appears of little use but sells Bundy Croyd a huge rusty Key. While waiting for the crew of the Buxsome Elf to spirit them back to Westgate the are waylaid by that asshole fish dude Morkoth and 6 of his douche-nozzle minions. With a bit of bloodshed the Fruits escape back to Westgate and are met by an anxious Grognard Deepmug. The cockatrice delivered, the team decides to seek Uther immediately.
Uther is expecting them. His plan, encase the egg of the cockatrice in a block of metal and to secret it away to parts unknow to keep Larithylar from getting it. When the ritual is complete, the fruits rests, and the session ends.

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