Bundy Croyd

33 yr old Lawful-Good, Human Fighter


33 yr old Lawful-Good, Human Fighter. Very unremarkable in appearance, behavior and personality for this race/class/alignment combo – 6’0, 200lbs, short, thinning and graying hair, mustache. Plain and functional in dress.


Raised in an orphanage because of a dead mother and deadbeat dad. Bundy, having led an honorable but undistinguished career with an official military outfit, he now works as your general mercenary Mace-For-Hire, grabbing up work as a body-guard, transport escort, muscle – Your basic fantasy Mr.Fixit. While he’ll pass up work that’s obviously dastardly or against the law, He’s largely unscrupulous about the jobs he takes, and his rates are surprising low for the amount of risk he’d be willing to subject himself to. You see, Bundy is on the wrong side of 30 to be carrying on so enthusiastically with this kind of work, but he’d never dwell on that fact, as this is the only means of supporting himself and his growing family. He’s willing to do pretty much anything, provided he’s paid something, and it get’s him away and out of the house. Bundy married young to a girl from a more established, status oriented family. His wife, Croix, is now a nagging, gold-hungry, never-satisfied force of nature, and his six daughters (Amber, Goldie, Opal, Crystal, Ruby, Pearl) PC Relations – Dirtbeard, friend and off & on adventuring companion. Eurydice Croyd (played by John), Sister and coworker. Yet Unnamed Young Sorcerer (played by Dale), “nephew” (related somehow through wife’s sprawling family) and uncooperative professional subordinate.

Bundy Croyd

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