Leonardo DeCapulet

18 year old, Lawful Good Paladin of the god Ilmater


Striving yet needy orphan, Leo has recently become favored of the god Ilmater through his selfless nature, his religious dedication, and his continued questing to better the lowly and poor.


Leo acts as “headmaster” of the orphanage, as he is the oldest and most capable member. He accepts help in the form of donation and honest work to provide for the orphanage unselfconsciously, and always takes up the cause of the abandoned children of the slums. PC Relations – Dirtbeard (Ryan) = friend, benefactor, occasional adventuring companion. Eurydice (John) = friend, benefactor, occasional adventuring companion & potential love interest. Yet Unnamed Young Sorcerer (Dale) = rival, occasional adversary.

Leonardo DeCapulet

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