15 year old, Chaotic Good Sorcerer


Brash, handsome, foolhardy younger son in a large, prestigious family


While he carries no birthright or special privilege, being a later born son, he has been raised in an entitled and status-conscious family, and carries himself with a sense of bravado reserved for VIPs who are very rich and very talented. Unfortunately, Unnamed has no claim in the hierarchy of his family, and it has become problematic that there is evidence of him becoming an increasingly talented sorcerer. He has been shuffled off to the care/employ of his “Uncle Bundy” in the hope that he is “lost” on a foolhardy adventure before he causes harm to the station of his family. Unnamed himself views this as “summer-work” and a chance to improve his reputation and coinpurse. Despite his ambitious, trigger-happy, above-the-law attitude, he can be unpredictably generous and empathetic. PC Relations – Bundy Croyd (me) = “uncle” and employer. Leonardo DeCapulet (Kyle) = Rival, adversary


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