Phalen Lee

Elven Thief


A light skinned elf standing 5 feet tall, weighing 105 pounds with light brown hair and hazel eyes.


Phalen grew up in a small town listening to bard’s tales of adventure and treasure. When he was old enough to seek it, he learned how elusive these things were. It is not the fame that attracted him, but the money.

Trained as a scout in a military outfit, he left shortly after his fist mission due to the military’s insistence to pay him less than he felt he was worth, and the expectation that he risk his life.

From there he tried turning to faith. He served as an in-training priest for Paylor. Being a priest did not work out because Phalen found himself more masquerading as a priest and supplementing his wages from the temples collections. Phalen left Paylor’s service before this caught anyone’s attention…This did not bother him; the services never moved him anyway.

Borrowing from the collection and other priests is not to say he is a thief, but if he needs something…that is a different story. Phalen is a somewhat handsome elf, with an easy smile.

Phalen Lee

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